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What do we publish?

Teacher magazine accepts a variety of submissions, including lesson ideas, narrative articles, classroom art displays, student art samples, book or resource reviews, and more.


To be considered for publication, contributions must be in alignment with BCTF values.


How do I submit something for publication?

If you have a story to tell, reach out to discuss your submission idea before getting started on writing. You can use the form below or email


If you’ve already written your piece, you can email it to the editor as a Word file or Google doc. All images should be sent as separate email attachments or through a file-sharing platform.


The magazine team is available to support you throughout the writing process, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a story idea but are not yet a confident writer.


Submission guidelines

For article submissions, a one-page article can be a maximum of 750 words, and a two-page article can be a maximum of 1,450 words. However, we encourage authors to aim for 1,200 words or less for a two-page article to allow space for images and graphics. We do allow submissions longer than two pages; please reach out to discuss your story idea before writing a longer piece.


References can be included as footnotes where necessary. However, we are not a scholarly publication and do not publish academic articles with long reference lists.

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